Why do I have to pay a Tooling Charge?

This is an integral part of the manufacturing process. For your tooling charge we will:

  1. Design Rule Check your data to validate its suitability for manufacture, and identify any potential faults
  2.  Produce Photoplots for all layers including Tracks, Resists and Component Idents, as well as any other special features the PCB may have (Peelable Carbon etc.)
  3. Create Drill programs
  4. Test Fixtures (Bed of Nails or AOI Programme)

This “Tooling” once paid for belongs to you (our customer) and can be returned at any time upon request. In general however most customers prefer us to keep their tooling in our ag=fe and environmentally controlled conditions.
FREE TOOLING OFFER: Clarydon continues to offer Free Tooling where customers are tooled elsewhere and are considering moving the business to us. Please talk to us for details if this is your situation.

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