Prototype Printed Circuit Boards (CAD/CAM PCB Prototyping)

Example of a prototype printed circuit board

At Clarydon we offer fast efficient prototype PCB manufacturing services. We can offer turnaround time from 8 hours in ‘urgent’ situations, up to our standard prototype service which is based on a five working days manufacturing cycle.

Our ‘standard’ includes production tooling, design rule checks, and all of the product yielded from one production panel (typically 305mm X 406mm) includes solder resist and Ident and a silver or HAL level finish.

Over time we have developed a range of standard costs, thus enabling our customers to know in advance charges for developing their new prototype PCB. This saves time in not having to wait for quotations to be calculated.

Our standard prices for prototype printed circuit boards are:

  • Single Sided – £200.00 Lot Price
  • 2 Sided – £275.00 Lot Price
  • 4 Layer – £425.00 Lot Price
  • 6 Layer – £625.00 Lot Price
  • Metal Backed (IMS) £325.00 Lot Price
  • Flexible PCB £450.00 Lot Price

For more specific requirements we would invite customers to contact us or send us data and specifications using our enquiry page.

Our UK base allows us to respond and deliver quickly to UK located customers.

Should you require us to assemble your prototype batch of PCB’s we can offer the services of our specialist low volume / quick turnaround dedicated automated assembly line. For surface mount jobs we hold stock of a vast array of standard passive components thus enabling your prototype to be assembled using fully production representative processes. Importantly this service not only gives customers a fast, efficient, and cost effective route to market, but also working with Clarydon to develop your product allows us to share our expertise in design for manufacture and supply chain development for lead-time items.
So if you require small volume PCB and PCB assembly through our company Kasdon for either prototypes or small production runs we have a dedicated facility to offer this.

Please feel free to contact us using the enquiry page or phone, email or Skype. Our expert team is awaiting your call.