Industry Applications of Printed Circuit Boards

Industry Applications of Printed Cirtuit BoardsClarydon Electronic Services has supported businesses with the manufacturing & assembly of PCB’s for Electronic Devices in a wide variety of market sectors, both in the UK and Internationally. Here are just a few of our areas of interest:

Automotive Industry

Dashboards, Engine Management Systems (EMS), power supplies, in car entertainment, fuel regulators, heater controls, and satellite navigation.

Medical Industry

Heart monitors, imaging probes. (Xray, MRI, Ultra sound) Blood analysis, drug metering devices, pump controls.


Radar, RF projects, antennae, hostile electronics detection and blocking, armoured car control and security.

Lighting and emergency lighting

Road signs, vehicle hazard lights, DC safety lighting, spot lights, handrail lighting, beacons, floor lighting, exit lighting, marine and aircraft, cabin lighting.


Road signs, danger signs, shop signs, static and flashing led lighting.

Scientific Instrumentation

Microscope illumination, scanning electron microscope control boards, spectro photometers.


Mother boards, daughter boards, piggy back boards, flex connectors, memory interface cards.


Radio Frequency boards, amplifiers, booster stations, antennae, receivers, transmitters.

Marine Instrumentation

Boat/ ship dashboards, navigation systems, navigation lights, exit lights, spot lights, engine management, power distribution and measurement.

Building protection

Cathodic building and structure protection, smoke, fire and burglar alarms, door monitoring and locking, fire door control.

Health and safety

Building site lights, site warning alarms, food temperature control and alarm, emergency lighting and alarms.

Electronic Security

Burglar alarms, electronic door locks, motion sensors, closed circuit television, vending machine security

Audio Devices

Amplifiers, splitters, pre amplifiers, mixing desks, recording desks, sound to vision, microphones.


Tracking devices, reverse alarms, car alarms, immobilisers, bespoke dash boards, rail controls, train controls, train lighting, railway signals.


Grain measurement, soil analysis, humidity control, tractor electronics.

Power management

Control for generators, compressors, power measurement and re routing, control cabinets.


Foreign and commonwealth office.

Art and design

LED mounted clothing, stage lights, bespoke concert light balls, (Elbow), snowflake lights for entrance to hotels and exhibition centres, wall backlights, exhibition lighting.

Time keeping

Time clocks, swipe card/ computer interface, bar code entry and logging.


School electronic projects, educational toys, build yourself systems.

Electric Fencing

Energisers, ac and dc.

Retail Industry

Rotating POS stands, illuminated POS stands, counter illumination, freezer monitors and alarms.

Industrial Instrumentation

Generator controls, compressor controls, power measurement.



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