PCB Fabrication

With two decades of experience in supplying printed circuit boards, Clarydon is ideally placed to meet your PCB fabrication requirements. Its “One-Stop PCB Solutions” approach means we are as comfortable in dealing with your Rapid Prototype from as little as eight hours to your Scheduled Volume requirements manufactured at our Chinese locations. We are happy to supply you a Single Sided board as a 32 layer Multi-Layer, or complicated Flex Rigid and at home with FR4 as we are with more challenging materials such as Aluminium Clad (IMS), Rogers, Polyimide, G200, Taconic etc.

When we say “One-Stop PCB Solutions” It’s exactly what we mean!

The secret to our approach is offering a single point of contact to our customer base but achieving the results through several centres of excellence in the UK and also China. That way you can be assured that your product is being made in the most suitable and cost effective location for your needs, yet retain the simplicity of making a single call.

We understand of course that you have a wide choice when it comes to your PCB requirements and many of our customers come to us already tooled elsewhere. To prevent this being an issue Clarydon offer a TOOLING GUARANTEE.

If you are currently tooled for a PCB elsewhere and would like to investigate the possibility of moving the business to Clarydon, please mention this when you send you enquiry and we will offer FREE OF CHARGE TOOLING for that job, thus removing the obstacle in changing supplier.

The pages that follow give some detailed explanations of the range of products and services we offer. We hope you find them of interest and that you will consider us your natural choice for all your PCB needs.

Should you need to discuss further you can find our contact details on our “Contact Us” page. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email, phone, fax or Skype to talk with one of our experiences sales or technical team.