PCB Design Services

Printed Circuit Board Design Services

If you are looking for external resources to help design your Printed Circuit Boards then Clarydon are here to help. Our experienced design team are on hand to assist, whatever your starting point. Our services include:

Original Concept Review

We can advise on types of solutions which might best suit your requirements in terms of technology used, space modelling, and component considerations

Schematic Production

Using a range of state of the art PCB design software Clarydon can create your schematic to your own specifications and needs. Alternatively if you already have a generated CAD file this can usually be imported into our own computer systems.

PCB Design

Our Comprehensive design software allows us to manage your project and produce Gerber Files, Assembly Drawings, Bills of Materials, SMT / AOI Placement Data. We have experience in designing simple Single Sided LED boards through to complex system design, Multi- Layer construction, Controlled Impedance, Analogue or Digital and High Frequency RF Products

Design for Manufacture

At all times during the design process our extensive knowledge of PCB Manufacture, PCB Assembly and Component Sourcing is applied to the process ensuring that the finished product is to your specification and best suited for forward manufacture.

Prototype Production

Clarydon offers all designs inclusive of a prototype build to ensure the validity of the design and customer satisfaction. On full sign off of a product we supply:

  • Schematic
  • PCB Gerber Files
  • Assembly Drawing
  • Component Placement Data
  • Itemised Bill of Materials with potential supplier
  • Quotation for production volumes if required

Test Fixtures

In addition we can also advise on construction of test systems for production testing of the designs created

Software Solutions

Clarydon works alongside a hugely experienced range of software engineers to offer further product development from simple code to full system integration.
Given our expertise in both PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly, our design team are highly capable of producing PCB designs which are not just functional, but we design from a standpoint of having to ultimately manufacture the product. Therefore we ensure ease of build and supply is included.