The Advantages of Full Turnkey PCB Assembly

Utilising full turnkey PCB assembly is ideal for small businesses and start-ups that would like to invest in smaller amounts of printed circuit boards without having to worry about carrying a large inventory. Turnkey solutions offer an efficient and cost-effective way to assemble and test circuit boards for products. This also offers companies a way to receive printed circuit boards with the shortest lead times possible.


What is Full Turnkey PCB Assembly?

‘Turnkey’ refers to a product or service that is ready for immediate use for the buyer and when applied to PCB assembly, this means that the supplier will handle all aspects of the PCB project. This includes the procurement of parts, components and the manufacturing of PCB. Turnkey PCB assembly uses an internet cloud-based software and PCB manufacturers to develop printed circuit boards quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively for small businesses. Essentially, a full turnkey solution allows you to have greater freedom to focus on designing PCBs whilst the supplier can handle the rest of the operations.


Easy Management

When you partner with a turnkey PCB supplier, you only need to manage one vendor, which can save you the frustration of delays and miscommunications with separate vendors, if you outsourced them yourself. Usually, there will only be one single point of contact when you work with a turnkey PCB supplier, which means that there will only be one bill and any changes that you need addressing to the project can be actioned upon seamlessly. This can be very beneficial if you need to produce prototype PCBs, as developing prototypes can often be a slow process and expensive. Having to manage multiple vendors can sometimes be overwhelming.


Low or High-Volume Assembly

Full turnkey suppliers provide the flexibility of combining various small orders into one large order. Your supplier can produce as many quantities of printed circuit boards as you need once the design is perfected. With the use of cloud-software, manufacturers are able to manage orders of various sizes to provide customers with convenience.


Multiple Services

Most suppliers that offer turnkey assembly services are also able to offer additional services that customers may find convenient. Suppliers can often provide more than just manufacturing and assembly, they can also provide inventory and shipping services. This means that you are able to ship in materials, check your inventory and create products.


Contact Clarydon for Full Turnkey PCB Assembly

The full turnkey approach to PCB assembly provides a wide range of benefits from cost-savings all the way to removing quantity limitations. If you require turnkey solutions for printed circuit boards, then please get in touch with one of our PCB specialists.

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