The Advantages of Metal-Backed PCBs

When it comes to PCB manufacturing, there are a variety of printed circuit board types to suit different needs and purposes. The base material that is used in many PCBs is fibreglass but for certain products that require good electrical insulation and thermal conductivity, metal backed PCBs, such as aluminium metal is used. Metal core PCB or MCPCB, are commonly used in various industries as they provide great advantages for applications that require high densities.

Here are a few advantages of using metal core PCBs:



This type of printed circuit board can be very cost-effective as aluminium is a metal that can be commonly found in various climates. This type of metal is also very easy to mine and refine which makes the cost of producing aluminium much cheaper when compared to other types of metals. Ultimately, this leads to lower overall costs when producing metal backed PCBs. Not only will your business be able to benefit from the reduced production costs, but your customers will also be able to benefit from cheaper production costs.


Heat Dissipation

Heat emission is often a challenge for many double-sided PCBs and multi-layer PCBs with higher densities and power. The regular material used in these PCBs have poor thermal conductivity and heat insulation which means that the heat generated is harder to dissipate. Most of the times, high temperatures in circuits can cause thermal throttling and failure in components if not dissipated or cooled properly. With metal-backed PCBs, heat dissipation is greatly improved and allows for excellent thermal conductivity. Aluminium is the metal that is commonly used in metal core PCBs as it is a very good conductor of heat. This metal is also highly efficient at transferring heat away from important components, which reduces the chance of component failure by overheating.


Strong & Durable

A great benefit of using aluminium for PCBs is the durability and strength it provides. Aluminium is a strong metal that provides a sturdy base where ceramic and fibre glass cannot. This metal is very stable and can benefit applications that require strong mechanical stability or stress resistance. This means that aluminium backed PCBs are less likely to be subject to accidental damage during manufacturing, handling and even daily use. Another reason for aluminium being a durable material, is the resistance to thermal expansion. Thermal expansion is the process of a material expanding as heat is applied and contracting when the material is cooled. Over time, this process can create weakness in the material which ultimately leads to less efficient heat dissipation. Aluminium is less prone to thermal expansion when compared to the regular PCB materials, such as ceramic and fibre glass.


Lightweight Material

As well as the durability that aluminium provides, the material is also very lightweight. As this metal has a low density, aluminium is able to add more durability, strength and resistance to a printed circuit board without bringing any additional weight. The quality of the lightweight materials makes it mechanically strong which is excellent for an adaptable circuit board. One of the other properties of aluminium is that it can be quite flexible. The metal can be processed as required in its liquid state and after solidifying, the metal still remains durable and substantial.


Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

An important point for consideration when using metal backed PCBs, is how environmentally-friendly they are. A great benefit of aluminium printed circuit boards is that they are non-toxic and recyclable. Once you no longer need the metal core PCB, you can reuse the aluminium inside for something else. When you manufacture with aluminium it is more favourable for conserving energy due to the ease of manufacturing and assembly. For PCB manufacturers, using eco-friendly metal helps maintain the environment.


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