Benefits of a UK-Based PCB Manufacturer

When choosing a PCB manufacturer that you would like to work with, it’s important that you make all of the right preparations in order to find out which company is best suited for your needs. To make the final decision even more crucial, not only are there several reputable PCB manufacturers in the UK, but you also have the option to go with an overseas supplier.

But, is it better to work with a UK-based PCB manufacturer? Or would I be better off going with an overseas manufacturer?

Choosing a PCB manufacturer in the UK provides significant benefits when compared to an overseas company and here are some of the reasons why.


Advantages of PCB Manufacturers in the UK

Communication – One of the main benefits of working with PCB manufacturer in the UK is that the communications can be maintained easily. When your communications with a PCB company is clear and maintained, it can make things work better, faster, and more efficiently. Being able to pick up the phone and get an answer straight away is key to resolving problems quickly before they become bigger problems. With overseas manufacturers, the chances of your communication getting lost or mixed up are much higher. This could be due to various reasons, such as a language barrier.

Quality – When you work with a PCB company in the UK, such as Clarydon, you can be sure that your circuit boards are handled by a company that understands British quality. It’s important to find a company that understands the customer demands and industry challenges in the UK so that they are able to meet your exact needs.

Reliability – You need to be able to rely on your PCB manufacturer and building up a good level of trust begins with communicating. If you have a specific circuit board requirement and need a tailored solution, then sending these details overseas may be a risk due to miscommunication or other reasons. With a UK manufacturer, you can maintain an open line of communication.


Disadvantages of Overseas PCB Manufacturers

Quality Control – One of the disadvantages of going with an overseas manufacturer is that you can never be too sure of quality control. If a product fails down the line due to a manufacturing error, then it could cost you a lot more to repair it. With a UK-based company, it’s much easier to visit the manufacturer and see for yourself.

Payment Terms – Many overseas suppliers will often require a prepayment for fabricating your circuit boards. This may be a problem for some as it could be a burden on your budget. If you have already paid upfront for the PCBs, but then encounter a quality control problem, then it may be difficult to get the problem resolved.

Shipping Costs – There may be unpredictable shipping costs when you go with an overseas supplier. Although they may be able to offer cheaper PCB manufacturing, the international shipping rates may be quite expensive and it all adds up.


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