Clarydon ventures into new technology areas

Clarydon electronics has been a familiar name in the electronics industry for over 17 years  and has always had the policy of accepting technical challenges for the benefit of the customers.

After a successful move into larger premises last year, Clarydon has had a hugely successful sales drive which has led us into even more technology areas resulting in an even bigger PCB product range.

This year has seen us becoming heavily involved in defence areas including new materials for RF and environmentally hostile locations . This has also lead us into working in the leak detection industry with complex communication systems and wiring harnesses again in areas where the materials are exposed to heat and moisture and long term reliability is paramount.

We have seen huge requirements for metal backed circuits, not just for LED applications but also heat dissipation of high performance components. We can see this area growing rapidly as predictions show that by 2015,80% of lighting will be LED technology.

We plan to continue our growth by continuing to offer our customers as much technical support as needed to fulfil their requirements. We have the capability of taking your idea and delivering a boxed product for sale or just supplying advice on getting the best price by designing for manufacturability.

Our size still allows flexibility so we can produce 1 off specials or 10s of thousands on scheduled deliveries, and this flexibility, especially through challenging times,  we believe remains key to our continues growth.