Why are Multi-Layer PCBs Commonly Used?

Both single layer and multi layer printed circuit boards are commonly used for various applications. Single layer PCBs are used for more simple devices with essential functions, whereas a multi layer PCB can be used for more complex devices with more functionality. PCB manufacturers have seen an increased demand in multilayer boards due to the need for smaller intricate devices for various industries and sectors.

Multi-layer PCBs are often used in various professional electronics such as computers, mobile phones, heart monitors and much more. Multi-layer PCB fabrication consists of laminating more than two conductive layers together and there can be various amounts of layers, depending on the application requirement. Having more layers inside the circuit board allows more circuitry and wiring for more complex applications. For example, mobile phone printed circuit boards can have as many as 12 layers as they are very complex devices.

Due to the versatility of multi-layer PCBs, it is used widely in many devices. There are many benefits of using these printed circuit boards.


Benefits of Multi-Layer PCBs

In terms of technicality and design, multi layer PCBs provide numerous advantages. Here are a few main benefits of these boards:

Increases Functionality & Capabilities – By laminating together multiple layers of boards, you can efficiently increase the functionality and capabilities of the printed circuit board. With more layers, you can fit more circuitry and wiring into the board.

Can be made Rigid or Flexible – These multi-layer printed circuit boards can be made in either rigid or flexible configurations, depending on your requirements. However, the more layers you add to the board, the less flexible it will become.

Generally Smaller Sizes – As you are combining layers on top of each other, this can save space. Multiple layers allow you to have high capacities with smaller footprints which may be beneficial for smaller devices.

Lightweight – Due to the layered configuration of these printed circuit boards, it eliminates the need for connectors for separate PCBs. This allows the manufacturing process to be simplified which not only saves space but also reduces the overall weight of the board.

Overall, multi-layer circuit boards are often better quality than regular PCBs, as more designing, planning, and investment is put into the development of these types of boards. Although the cost can be higher, it more than makes up for the price in terms of functionality and performance. These boards are generally designed to be one single unit which makes mounting the board onto the final product much easier.


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