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Etching undercut

Thank you for your emails and memories of good old solder finishes but I opened up a question by mentioning undercut and a few of you have asked for a bit of background. Undercut is relatively easy to explain in that when a copper sheet is chemically etched, it is done with a bank of […]

Surface finish on bare printed circuit boards

For those of us who can, let us cast our mind back to the days when 12 thou gap and track was still a technological challenge and there was a rumour someone could drill and plate 0.6mm diameter holes. Surface finish was simple in those days. You had roller tin for single sided complete with […]

Automatic Optical Inspection

I have been involved in Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) for close on 30 years during which time the technology has moved on dramatically, but I am still amazed, as I was then, why a system as sophisticated as this is abused by its owners. That may sound harsh judgement but I still see people using […]

Twenty years of successful trading for Clarydon Electronic Services

Clarydon Electronic Services Limited is this year celebrating 20 years of successful trading in 2014. Managing Director Steve Stockley says: “From small beginnings in 1994, we are immensely proud to have reached this 20 Year landmark. Clarydon would like to express our immense gratitude to everyone who has helped and supported us over these 20 […]

FREE Tooling

If you are currently tooled for a PCB elsewhere and would like to investigate the possibility of moving the business to Clarydon, please mention this when you send you enquiry and we will offer FREE OF CHARGE TOOLING for that job, thus removing the obstacle in changing supplier.

A strong forecast for PCB Manufacturing

Developments in nanotechnology and the persistant drive to miniaturise electronic devices and appliances means that Clarydon is well placed for continued success in PCB manufacturing and assembly.