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Benefits of a UK-Based PCB Manufacturer

When choosing a PCB manufacturer that you would like to work with, it’s important that you make all of the right preparations in order to find out which company is best suited for your needs. To make the final decision even more crucial, not only are there several reputable PCB manufacturers in the UK, but […]

What’s The Process Behind PCB Design?

The process of designing a PCB involves a lot of steps. A PCB design specialist can help you design a high-quality circuit board that meets your technological needs and requirements. A specialist can provide a comprehensive analysis of your electronic device’s requirements to ensure that your product contains the right support to help it perform […]

What Components Should Be Tested On A PCB?

All electronic products need to be tested even if they are accurately designed and professionally fabricated, as they can be prone to malfunctions and problems. Printed circuit boards are composed of various electrical components which need to function correctly, and PCB testing is essential to test that each component is functioning. Having quality control and […]

What Are Printed Circuit Board Certifications?

Printed circuit board companies are widely needed in various applications. As such, there need to be regulations and quality standards in place to ensure that companies are meeting the safety requirements and that they are delivering products that are of an acceptable quality for safe use. There are various types printed circuit board certifications which […]

What are the Advantages of Smaller PCBs?

Electronic devices are constantly being miniaturised these days and as new technologies are being developed, companies are looking for ways to make their products smaller and more powerful. However, does making electronics smaller provide any advantages other than saving space? Miniaturising components and using smaller PCBs provide an array of advantages that can greatly benefit […]

What Are The Types Of PCBs?

Printed circuit boards are widely used in various electronics and they are often the base for devices. These circuit boards provide a physical support piece and they also provide an area for the wiring and for the surface-mounted components. Printed circuit boards are most commonly made out of composite materials, such as fibreglass or composite […]

The Importance of PCB Testing

Printed circuit boards are commonly used in various electronics and technologies which make them very valuable devices. Whether it’s a mobile phone, computer or complex machinery, you’ll often find that a PCB is responsible for the functions of the device. If there are defects or manufacturing issues with the printed circuit board, they can cause […]

Why are Multi-Layer PCBs Commonly Used?

Both single layer and multi layer printed circuit boards are commonly used for various applications. Single layer PCBs are used for more simple devices with essential functions, whereas a multi layer PCB can be used for more complex devices with more functionality. PCB manufacturers have seen an increased demand in multilayer boards due to the […]

The Advantages of Metal-Backed PCBs

When it comes to PCB manufacturing, there are a variety of printed circuit board types to suit different needs and purposes. The base material that is used in many PCBs is fibreglass but for certain products that require good electrical insulation and thermal conductivity, metal backed PCBs, such as aluminium metal is used. Metal core […]