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How are Printed Circuit Boards made?

Printed Circuit Boards or PCB for short, is a plastic board that is created for connecting electronic components and parts together. They are commonly used in all types of electronics, from computers to digital clocks. The board itself is not a conductive material and often plastic or fibre glass is used as the base material. […]

How can Flexible PCBs be Beneficial?

Various electronic devices have become more prominent in our daily lifestyle and these devices range from mobile phones to computers. Printed Circuit Boards are commonly used in most of these devices as most of these electronics cannot function without it. There are a few types of PCBs and they each offer their own advantages. Flexible […]

Multilayer circuit board builds & sequential bonding

The first question must surely be why do we need to multilayer a circuit board? The answer is, as with a plated board, to allow more interconnection routes for the designer. As components have become smaller with more connections required, the routeing just gets more and more difficult. When I used to explain plated through […]

Design for manufacturability

I am not sure who came up with the word manufacturability but I like the word, it may have even been me. It describes the ability to manufacture and if a circuit is able to be manufactured easily, it has a cost and quality implication. If you are putting pencil to paper or mouse to […]