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What Are The Types Of PCBs?

Printed circuit boards are widely used in various electronics and they are often the base for devices. These circuit boards provide a physical support piece and they also provide an area for the wiring and for the surface-mounted components. Printed circuit boards are most commonly made out of composite materials, such as fibreglass or composite […]

Why are Multi-Layer PCBs Commonly Used?

Both single layer and multi layer printed circuit boards are commonly used for various applications. Single layer PCBs are used for more simple devices with essential functions, whereas a multi layer PCB can be used for more complex devices with more functionality. PCB manufacturers have seen an increased demand in multilayer boards due to the […]

Multilayer circuit board builds & sequential bonding

The first question must surely be why do we need to multilayer a circuit board? The answer is, as with a plated board, to allow more interconnection routes for the designer. As components have become smaller with more connections required, the routeing just gets more and more difficult. When I used to explain plated through […]